Vendome Copper & Brass Works – Crafting Custom Copper Stills for over 100 Years

Vendome Copper & Brass Works – Crafting custom copper stills for over 100 years

The smiling tour guide at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience stopped walking and gestured to a shining structure displayed prominently on the other side of the glass. “And this is our copper pot still,” she beamed proudly. “This critical component of our artisanal distillery can produce around a barrel of bourbon a day.” Her smile widened as her cheery tone took on just a hint of bragging. “And it was custom made just for us by the Vendome Company.” Similar scenes play out countless times across The Kentucky Bourbon Trail ® and beyond. One common name that you’ll find at more and more bourbon distilleries is the one that’s imprinted on the face of their stills, tanks and other distilling equipment: Louisville’s own Vendome Copper and Brass Works.

Vendome Copper & Brass WorksVendome’s headquarters and manufacturing facility is a sprawling urban set up that is surprisingly easy to miss. Located just two blocks off busy Main Street and less than 300 feet from Thomas Edison’s 1866 Kentucky residence, Vendome Corp’s five buildings sit snugly between a city skate park and an imposing Ohio River Flood Wall. The manufacturer is almost always bustling with activity these days. The sound of constant hammering, pounding, and grinding of various components echoes across the street, while workers sporting shirts with the logo “The Power of Our Stills” move swiftly from one building to another. Beneath the downtown skyline, an open garage offers a sneak peek to half a dozen gorgeous, new copper stills of various sizes that are in various stages of completion. Business at Vendome is indeed good.

Vendome StillBuilding in-demand gear is nothing new to Vendome. The company was formed by W. Elmore Sherman, Sr. at the turn of the last century and has been family owned and operated for well over a hundred years. Vendome has had their share of challenges over their long history including significant downturns in whiskey production, The Great Flood of 1937, and even Prohibition. Over time and with some perseverance, the Sherman family name has become just as familiar among Bourbon aficionados as other industry lineages like the Beams, Samuels, and Boswells of the Independent Stave Company. Vendome’s prolonged success can be attributed to their craftsmanship, flexibility and service. Every single still is custom designed; no job is too big and no craft distillery’s needs are too small. Customers can even choose one of three different finishes for their still including an acid clean, satin finish or a labor-intensive high-polished mirror finish for that perfect distillery tour shine. Beyond visual appeal, copper has been the preferred metal since the time of even the earliest whiskey distillers. The copper generates a chemical reaction between the mash and the metal which pulls out unwanted sulfates and Sulfur. Today, new stills are regularly being installed at distilleries across the country. When The Old Taylor Distillery outside of Versailles, KY needed new equipment last summer as part of its ongoing complete restoration, Master Distiller Marianne Barnes commissioned Vendome. The result? A massive 24-inch copper column still coupled with a 375-gallon copper doubler. Today, far beyond The Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Vendome’s copper stills can be found in Guatemala, Canada, Ireland and even Romania. And while Vendome may be best known for their stunning stills, the company also produces stainless steel fermenters, cookers, condensers, coolers, receiving tanks and more. It could be argued that Vendome can build just about everything you might need to start a distillery except the corn, rye, barley and yeast.

Vendome workerVendome’s roster of clients over the years reads like a who’s who in the world of Bourbon and American Whiskey: Michter’s, Evan Williams, Jim Beam, Angel’s Envy, Maker’s Mark, Four Roses and Buffalo Trace just to name a few. Vendome’s customers further extend beyond alcohol to pharmaceutical companies, confectionary businesses and dairy operators. Today, the waiting list for a custom still may be close to a year. All of this has made Vendome one of the most in-demand brass and copper fabrication plants in the nation.

Next time you visit a bourbon distillery, be on the lookout for Vendome’s signature plaque on new and old gear. Beyond Kentucky’s beloved limestone filtered water and the charred oak barrels, one common element that an increasing number of distilleries are sharing is custom gear from Vendome Copper and Brass Works. And, just maybe, the robust copper construction and a century of craftsmanship could make the bourbon that ends up in the bottle taste a little bit better than others.


Vendome Brass and Copper Works is located at 729 East Franklin Street Louisville, KY 40202 and currently does not offer tours to the public. A visit to the exterior building of Vendome may be requested on a personalized, custom tour with Mint Julep Tours. Many of Vendome’s stills and other equipment can been viewed at distilleries on and off The Kentucky Bourbon Trail ®. Call 502-583-1433 or visit us online for more information and to book a tour today!

Ten Gifts For The Bourbon Enthusiast On Your Holiday Shopping List

The holiday shopping season is officially upon us, which means it’s time to hit the stores and find that perfect gift for each person on your list. We’ve compiled a list of ten great options for bourbon enthusiasts that are guaranteed to please even the hardest to shop for. The best part is, all of these items are available at the Mint Julep Tours Gift Shop located in the Galt House Hotel (140 N. Fourth St. Louisville, KY) on the 3rd floor of the Rivue Tower.

10. A Bourbon Tour with Mint Julep Tours
They say you should put your best foot forward, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.  The first item on our list is the ultimate gift for a bourbon enthusiast, a bourbon experience on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail with Mint Julep Tours.  Mint Julep has been recognized as one of the top guided drinking tours in America by Conde Nast Traveler and we offer public bourbon trail tours and experiences, as well as custom tours for any size group.  Our tours are hands down the best way to visit the bourbon trail and a gift certificate makes for the perfect gift so your bourbon lover can decide when and where he or she wants to go.


Right now we’re giving you the chance to go the extra mile and win a truly unique item. For every $100 in gift certificates you purchase through December 15th, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a Mint Julep Tours hat signed by all the master distillers!  This makes for a truly one-of-a-kind gift and something you won’t find anywhere else. Gift certificates can be purchased by giving us a call at 502-583-1433, we’ll talk you through our pricing and what we tours we offer to help you find the perfect amount.  Make their “spirits” bright this season and give the gift of a bourbon tour with Mint Julep Tours!

Maker's Mark Coffee

9. Maker’s Mark Gourmet Ground Coffee
The best part of waking up is bourbon in your cup… bourbon flavored coffee anyways. This Maker’s Mark gourmet coffee will actually have you looking forward to getting out of bed.


8. Candleberry Kentucky Bourbon Scented Candle
Is the man cave getting a little ripe? Spruce up the place with a bourbon scented candle. These candles are handcrafted in Frankfort, Kentucky and are a combination of caramel and vanilla with just a touch of seasoning from barrels that were used to age Kentucky Bourbon.

Pappy T-shirts and Hats

7. Pappy Van Winkle T-Shirt or Hat
The rarest and most sought after bourbon in the world is Pappy Van Winkle, often referred to as “the best bourbon you’ll never taste”.  Rather than empty your bank account on trying to find a bottle of this liquid gold, these Pappy branded t-shirts and hats are sure to please.

KY Bourbon Trail Glasses

6. Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Bourbon Glasses
What better way to commemorate a recent or upcoming trip to Bourbon Country than with these official Kentucky Bourbon Trail® glasses.  You can bet these will become their favorite glasses for sipping their favorite spirits for years to come.


5. Various Distillery Sauces and Condiments
Wild Turkey Habanero Sauce, Evan Williams Maple Syrup, Jim Beam BBQ Sauce and Spicy Mustard… Pour these sauces over just about anything and they’re sure to add some Kentucky bourbon flavor to your favorite dish.

Bourbon Barrel Foods Products

4.  Bourbon Barrel Foods Products
Cooking with bourbon is nothing new, but these products from Louisville’s own Bourbon Barrel Foods take it to a whole other level.  Soy Sauce, Kentuckyaki, and Vanilla Extract, these products were aged in used bourbon barrels where they soaked up tons of flavor.  Spice up your cooking with some authentic Kentucky bourbon flavor. 

Blanton's Cigars

3. Blanton’s Cigars 
Kentucky Gentleman, located in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, makes these hand-rolled cigars using tobacco aged in used Blanton’s barrels. These are the perfect cigars for pairing with America’s native spirit.

Whisky Stones

2. Whisky Stones
Put it on the rocks… literally.  These Whisky Stones are a great way to keep your bourbon cold without watering it down. 

Mini Bourbon Barrel

1. Mini Bourbon Barrel
Rectify your bourbon in your own charred oak barrel.  These barrels allow you to age bourbon to your own personal satisfaction.  Add items to your barrel such as cinnamon chips or dried fruit to enhance the flavor.   

As mentioned above, all of these items are available at the Mint Julep Tours Gift Shop located in the Galt House Hotel (140 N. Fourth St. Louisville, KY) on the 3rd floor of the Rivue Tower!  

Cheers and Happy Holiday Shopping!  


Two Unique Ways To Experience Jim Beam This Friday

The Jim Beam Super Premium Tour is an experience you don’t want to miss!

Are you ready to experience Jim Beam in a way that has never before been offered to the public?  If so, the exclusive Jim Beam Super Premium Tour was made for you.  On this tour you’ll dive into “all things whiskey, Beam style” with a day filled with special tours, unique stories, memorable bourbon tastings and more!

The highlight of this exclusive tour is a private experience with the Master Distiller Fred Noe, 7th generation Beam family member. The quick-witted, sociable, and knowledgeable Fred Noe introduces people around the world to his family’s bourbons.  Fred’s stories of growing up on the distillery grounds are legendary, and people come in droves to see this real Kentucky bourbon legend talk about his family’s heritage.

In addition to that you’ll get a behind the scenes tour of the Jim Beam Distillery, including the bourbon barrel dumping station and one of the largest barrel warehouses in the industry.  For you mixologists and culinary fans, there will be a private sampling of the Beam Brands with a Beam bourbon expert and then you’re off to experience a bourbon themed meal on the porch of the Knob Creek house on the scenic grounds of the distillery. To top off your experience, all tour participants will receive a commemorative etched bottle of Jim Beam which is truly a one-of-a-kind collectable.

The August Jim Beam Super Premium tour had previously sold out, however we have opened up a second vehicle and limited tickets are still available! Departure time on Friday August 15th is 9:00am and you will return to Louisville at 3:00pm. The cost is $199 per person and you can purchase tickets online here by clicking on the “Exclusive Experiences” tab or by calling 502-583-1433.

Jim Beam American Stillhouse hosts Bourbon, Barbeque & Music

Can’t make the Jim Beam Super Premium Tour? No worries, the Jim Beam American Stillhouse will still be rocking into the afternoon with their next installment of the distillery’s Summer Concert Series.  Spend Friday, August 15th with bourbon fans from all over and celebrate Jim Beam with mouth-watering barbeque from Fred’s Smokehouse, live music on the distillery lawn and an inside look at how the world’s No. 1 selling bourbon whiskey is made.  Samples of “America’s Native Spirit” will be poured for guests of legal drinking age.

The event runs from 12:00pm to 5:00pm and is free to attend, however guests will need to purchase and reserve their distillery tours ahead of time which can be done online here.  For more information on this event please contact the Jim Beam American Stillhouse at 502-543-9877.

Mint Julep Tours Announces October Chuck Cowdery VIP Bourbon & History Tour Experience

We’re proud to announce the details and information for the Chuck Cowdery VIP Bourbon & History Tour Experience. Chuck is your personal tour guide for this 3-day bourbon adventure that is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Chuck Cowdery is an internationally renowned whiskey writer, specializing in American whiskey. He is a Kentucky Coloniel and a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame. He’s the author of Bourbon, Straight: The Uncut and Unfiltered Story of American Whiskey (2004) and the producer/director of “Made and Bottled in Kentucky” (1992). He is a regular contributor to Whisky Advocate Magazine and WHISKY Magazine, as well as the editor and publisher of The Bourbon Country Reader. More information on Chuck and some great bourbon talk can be found on his blog at

The three day adventure starts on Wednesday at the Jim Beam American Stillhouse with an exclusive behind the scenes tour and tasting with Freddie Noe, 8th generation Beam. You’ll enjoy an authentic Kentucky southern style lunch and then head to the Oscar Gratz Museum of Whiskey History. The day concludes with a VIP tour of Maker’s Mark Distillery with Bill Samuels Jr., son of Maker’s Mark founder. This exclusive Maker’s experience culminates with cocktails, appetizers and the opportunity to dip your own bottle in a barrel warehouse under the Chihuly blown glass art ceiling.

Your experience continues Thursday with a trip to Versailles Cemetery to visit the grave of Dr. James C. Crow, then it’s off to the Woodford County Historical Society & Museum. You’ll then head to Woodford Reserve Distillery for a tour and tasting before lunch. After lunch you’ll head to the famous Rebecca Ruth Candy Factory which is where bourbon ball chocolate candies were invented. The day wraps up a with a bourbon tasting some quality bourbon shopping with Chuck.

Friday kicks off with a driving tour of Whiskey Row, Brown-Forman Campus, Bernheim Distillery, and Stitzel-Weller before your tour of the Brown-Forman Barrel Cooperage.  You’ll then take a break for a BBQ lunch. After lunch you’ll head to Churchill Downs for a tour of exclusive areas and a tour of the Kentucky Derby Museum. The day wraps up with with a visit and tour of Vendome Copper & Brass Works who have been building stills on the banks of the Ohio River in Louisville for more than 100 years.

This 3 day bourbon adventure runs from October 15th – 17th and the cost is $599 per person which includes all your transportation, admissions, appetizers, lunches, a bourbon tasting with Chuck and an autographed copy of his book. There are only 20 spots available and you must book by September 1st. Reserve your spot today by calling Mint Julep Tours at 502-583-1433 or sending an email to More information and a flyer for the tour can be found at

Bourbon is flowing in Kentucky

Bourbon is flowing in Kentucky

Just the past several weeks, so many new bourbons have hit the market, here in the “Bourbon Capitol of the World”!

There is no shortage of innovation from the great bourbon makers we visit weekly.

Bourbon hunting is a great addition to add to your tour, stopping in on some of the secret spots on the Trail, where these bourbon gems are hopping on the shelf, and jumping off the shelf just as fast.

Just in the past few weeks, here are a few bourbons that are creating a “Bourbon Buzz”:

2013 Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition

Wild Turkey Forgiven

2013 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Stagg Jr

Jim Beam Signature Craft

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof


Make sure to check out the stories behind the bourbons, so you can look like an expert amongst your bourbon friends!

New Sights on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®

Not only are our favorite distilleries putting out some great juice, they are building new experiences you can enjoy when you visit.

At The Jim Beam® American Stillhouse & distillery, Fred’s Smokehouse opened on the grounds in Clermont, Ky.  Named after seventh generation Beam family member and great grandson of Jim Beam, Fred Noe.   The smokehouse offers the same heritage and Beam family tradition, as the Noe family home in Bardstown, Ky.  Many of the recipes are family inspired from members of Fred’s family, like country ham and biscuits his mother used to make in the family kitchen.  Fred’s father Booker Noe was a huge country ham fan and smoked and cured hams in his back yard smokehouse.

Check out the new Knob Creek Smoked Maple Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, inspired by Booker’s love for curing.


You see, we are always adding new sights here in Bourbon Country.  So even if you have visited before, the bourbon landscape is ever changing.  Why not wander on down to enjoy some Devi’s Cut Pulled Pork BBQ or some homemade chocolate bourbon pie with Graeter’s Jim Beam® Bourbon ice cream.


“The Purpose of fun is to have some…So come join us!”