We were very excited to learn recently that the bourbon tours of Mint Julep Tours were featured in the Travels section of New York Magazine.  We’ve known for years that Kentucky’s rich history in bourbon creation makes it ideal for travelers to visit. Now, it’s becoming more trendy, and we are happy to know that our bourbon tours are recognized for their world-class experience.

In the article, they spoke of one of our unique bourbon tours, which takes you to visit the Brown-Forman Cooperage. This is the location where their bourbon barrels are formed and given their char. It’s a tour you can only see with one of our bourbon tours.

They also wrote about other stops on our bourbon tours, such as the Woodford Reserve, Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace, and Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History. We love sharing these Kentucky treasures, so we hope you’ll join us for one of our upcoming bourbon tours.

If you’d like to learn more about our bourbon tours, click here.

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