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Things To Do In Nashville

Find the best tours of leather craftsman, boot makers and more

Kick your Tennessee vacation up a notch by visiting one of these top Nashville destinations! Tour packages from Mint Julep Experiences can incorporate many of the region’s most requested stops.


We take you behind the scenes to explore the heritage and craftsmanship of the South. Find out how custom boots are designed, get a private tasting of Southern barbecue, sing in an iconic recording studio or venture to small town Tennessee with us!

Groups of all sizes choose Mint Julep to plan their perfect day trip, weekend getaway or week long excursion in Nashville. For more information on tour destinations, itineraries and pricing, contact us today!





Barbecue & Culinary

Explore what's hot in Nashville food and drinks on tasting tour of local barbecue and Southern cuisine


Tennessee Whiskey Trail®

Discover the historic Tennessee destinations that Jack Daniel's and George Dickel call home


Music & Artisans

Find the origin of the Nashville Sound and hear the stories of country music history

Murals & Sightseeing

See Tennessee through historic landmarks, colorful murals and charming places


Kentucky Bourbon Trail®

Trips into Kentucky's Bourbon Country from Nashville including top bourbon distilleries


Craft Breweries

Find your new favorite beer and go behind-the-scenes at Nashville's best craft breweries

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