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Jack Daniel’s Distillery and
Cascade Hollow Home of George Dickel Distillery Tours

Visit the historic distilleries where Jack Daniel’s and George Dickel Tennessee whiskeys are made in this behind-the-scenes experience. These distillery tours offer an insider’s look at the distilling craftsmanship behind the two legendary Tennessee spirit makers. Partake in premium whiskey tastings and the history behind the process.

You’ll learn how to properly serve and drink whiskey- neat, with water, on the rocks, and in cocktails. You’ll learn how Jack Daniel’s originated the Lincoln County Process, which is a process that involves filtering whiskey through charcoal, and how Cascade Hollow Home of George Dickel makes whiskey that matches up against some of the world’s best scotches.

This tour includes guided transportation and whiskey distillery tours with tastings at Cascade Hollow Home of George Dickel and Jack Daniel’s Distillery.