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Safe Travels Initiative in Tennessee

Mint Julep Experiences has implemented health and hygiene protocols that are aligned with the WTTC’s Safe Travels Protocols.

The ‘Safe Travels’: Global Protocols & Stamp for the New Normal is supported by the World Travel and Tourism Council. WTTC alongside Members, governments, health experts and other industry associations are working together to achieve effective recovery protocols by developing meaningful action plans that optimize sector-wide recovery efforts. The protocols take into account current WHO and CDC guidelines, but these are evolving protocols which will be updated by the WTTC as new information becomes available about COVID-19.

Mint Julep Experiences Announces Enhanced Cleaning Procedures and New Personal Protective Equipment for Customers 

Mint Julep Experiences is updating and enhancing its cleaning procedures and will begin offering personal protective equipment to customers as it continues to prioritize customer and team member well-being in its response to coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Mint Julep Experiences has taken many precautionary measures to help combat the possible spread of Covid-19. We remain vigilant regarding guest and employee safety as we continually are looking out for our customers’ well-being to give them peace of mind while they travel with us. We will be following the guidelines issued by state government officials and the CDC compliance recommendations throughout our entire operation. These guidelines include our employees, guests, and vehicle preparedness measures. Our focus is on social responsibility and keeping our guests, employees, and partners safe and healthy during our time together.” — Sean Higgins, Owner, Mint Julep Experiences


Personal Protective Equipment 

In early May, Mint Julep Experiences will start the process of distributing sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizers or gels, and face masks to customers. This offering will expand to all transportation clients and tour guests as supplies and operational conditions require and allow.


More thorough cleaning, more often of vehicles and facilities 

Improvements to cleaning procedures have already begun and will extend to both our Louisville and Nashville offices and every vehicle in our fleet. Beginning in early April, Mint Julep Experiences has built on its comprehensive cleaning program by expanding the cleaning procedures already used during our overnight detailing to now include several “during the day” of our experiences cleanings. This cleaning will use a disinfectant approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and includes:

  • In all interior areas, entries, exits, seatbelt buckles, armrests, seats, window shades, and windows. It also includes wiping door and overhead bin handles.
  • In team member areas, enhanced driver/passenger seating area cleaning, and guide rest seats. The new enhancements add dashboard and control surfaces as well.

These measures build on new and expanded cleaning procedures we added in early March, including additional touchpoints within the vehicles, increased provisioning of hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for team members and guests, and expanded exterior disinfectant for all vehicles. We are also expanding deeper cleanings and disinfection methods mentioned above to our corporate transportation fleet.


Employee and Guest Well Being 

Masks will be required for all Mint Julep Experiences drivers, guides, and hosts during every tour or corporate transport beginning May 1. Temperature will be taken of all tour leaders and guides prior to departure of tours. In addition, we have added a section in the cabin of vehicles containing additional personal protective equipment, including masks for themselves and our guests, and other sanitizing items.

“Our team members on the frontline are truly going above and beyond during this time,” continued Higgins. “Their commitment is nothing short of incredible and we will continue to work with them to make sure they have the equipment they need to feel safe.



Mint Julep Tours urges our customers not to travel when sick. To learn more about protecting yourself from COVID-19, visit the CDC website at

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