What Master Distillers Say About Mixing Bourbon

Does a master distiller cringe if he or she sees someone mix soda with their spirits? Is there a wrong way to drink bourbon?

For the most part, they’re just happy you enjoy their product. Here are a few quotes from some of the best on how they suggest you drink it.

Fred Noe, Jim Beam

“Any damn way you please.” More at JimBeam.com.

“There’s no right way or wrong way to drink bourbon,” he said. “And anybody tells ya any goddamn different is full of shit.” More from Supercall.com.

Jim Rutledge, Four Roses

When I was first asked how I mix Four Roses bourbon in a cocktail, my immediate response was, “It does improve the taste of ice.” More from Imbibe.com.

Chris Morris, Woodford Reserve

“What I also love to do is, as we travel, go to a new restaurant or an old favorite — and to see your brand in a new cocktail that they’ve invented using Woodford Reserve, you’ve always got to try that drink. And you discover some great drinks. So I’m open to trying our product in a lot of different ways.” More from GearPatrol.com.

Marianne Barnes, Castle & Key

“Drink it however you like it,” says master distiller Marianne Barnes. “Bourbon purists would shame you for putting bourbon in Coke, but if that’s how you’re going to start to develop an appreciation for the flavors, maybe you start there and then move into some craft cocktails, maybe try a nice old fashioned, and move into a neat pour from there.” More from CNN.com.

Elmer T. Lee, Buffalo Trace

When asked, “what would you get if you mixed this bourbon with Coke?” Lee replied, “You’d get a damn good bourbon and Coke.” More from CharlestonCityPaper.com.

Drew Kulsveen, Willett

“Most of the time I drink it neat. I do enjoy a good cocktail every once in a while. A whiskey sour is my favorite cocktail followed by a Boulevardier. But most of the time it’s neat.” More from GearPatrol.com.

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