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Let Mint Julep be your guide to Nashville if you’re traveling alone! Solo travelers often choose to join a group for one of our public whiskey tours. Many business travelers find themselves in Nashville without things to do for a day. While you won’t know anyone when you begin your adventure, it’s not uncommon for a whole tour group to become friends by the end of the day.


What To Expect Traveling Alone

Choose from various tour options. Jack Daniel’s Hometown Experience or the Barbecue, Beer and Bourbon Adventure are our go-to’s for those looking to jump on a public tour and meeting new people. Your tour starts when you meet the tour bus at the Omni Nashville Hotel downtown. If you’re still looking for places to stay in Nashville, check out this Nashville hotel guide.

Mint Julep Experiences plans your whole day so it’s easy and stress-free. Every tour is carefully crafted to maximize your time — making sure you can visit as many great bourbon distilleries or whiskey makers as possible in a day.

Tour guides will share knowledge and stories about the Tennessee whiskey. You won’t have to worry about awkward silences or not having anyone to talk to if you’re traveling solo in Nashville. Many distillery tours are interactive and engaging for solo travelers, as well as for groups of friends, family or coworkers.

You may forget you started out the day on your own as you start to immerse yourself in the tours and tastings. Every Mint Julep tour guide makes sure it’s an inclusive and exciting experience for the tour guest.


Tips for Solo Travel

  • Bring snacks or a cooler with drinks for yourself or to share for an easy way to make new friends.
  • Ask questions! Your tour leader is there to educate and entertain.
  • Take lots of pictures (and tag @mintjulepnashville) so you can tell everyone back home what a great time you had on your solo trip to Nashville.