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Kentucky Bourbon Distilleries

Travel to Bourbon Country from Nashville

Want to see Kentucky Bourbon Trail® distilleries during your Nashville trip? Mint Julep Experiences offers distillery tour packages traveling to Bourbon Country from Nashville. Popular distilleries including Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam and Heaven Hill are only a couple hours from middle Tennessee.

Or, if you want to spend more time on bourbon tours, consider spending a few days in Louisville as part of your trip. Our sister office in Louisville offers bourbon tours several days a week to further away bourbon distilleries like Woodford Reserve, Buffalo Trace and Wild Turkey. Our team of experience coordinators can even customize your multi-day trip to tour Bourbon Country from both cities.


Some Tennessee Whiskey Trail® distilleries make bourbon too, such as the Tennessee bourbon from Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery in Nashville!

Contact Mint Julep Experiences at 615-436-0187 or fill out one of our online tour requests to get started planning your Kentucky Bourbon Trail® adventure!

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