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Tennessee Distilleries

Experience historic distilleries and modern whiskey makers around Nashville

From storied distilleries to brand new spirits outlets, many of the best Tennessee distilleries are close to Nashville. Our team specializes in experiences that educate and entertain, visiting old favorites and fresh faces.

Whether you’re a lifelong Jack Daniel’s fan or looking to find your new go-to whiskey, Mint Julep is your guide to the best distilleries in Tennessee.

Tennessee whiskey adventures with Mint Julep depart seven days a week from downtown Nashville traveling along the Tennessee Whiskey Trail to multiple distillery tour destinations.


We create handcrafted, premium whiskey distillery experiences that will connect you to Nashville’s deep distilling traditions, important history and authentic whiskey heritage.

Our passion is contagious and guests are immersed in Tennessee distillery experiences that they will remember for a lifetime. The purpose of fun is to have some… so come join us!


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