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Why You Should Choose Mint Julep

A few reasons to pick us

We’ve been doing this for 10 years. We started our business in Louisville, KY in 2008. Since then, we’ve gotten more than 1500 five-star reviews between TripAdvisor, Yelp and Facebook. Reviews don’t lie. These are honest accounts of how Mint Julep Experiences went above and beyond to craft the perfect adventure. You’ll have a hard time finding anyone who didn’t think it was worth every penny to pick us. More than 31,000 Kentucky guests chose Mint Julep in 2017 because we are the best in the business. We know that Nashville will be no different. We earned a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in our first year in Nashville!

We maximize your time. Time is money! We save you time planning and act as your personal city concierge. Mint Julep also takes care of every detail of your day to make sure its jam-packed. We make your trip hassle-free with guaranteed reservations, impeccable timing and full-service trip planning. Each whiskey tour scheduled is optimized so that you can see and do more.

We know the South. Our drivers and tour leaders make your day fun and educational. We’re not just a chauffeur from one place to another. Mint Julep is all about the full experience. Whether its filling in the blanks between distillery tours, knowing where to take a detour to see a historic site if we have an extra few minutes, or giving the inside scoop on where to find the rare whiskey at distilleries, we’re consistently out in the field taking in everything Tennessee to share with you.

We’ve got connections. Mint Julep has partnerships with distilleries and Tennessee attractions to get you behind the scenes for unmatched access. We have exclusive offerings that you just can’t get anywhere else. From special tastings to hard hat tours and master distiller meet-and-greets, we take you where no one else can.

We do it all, y’all.

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<h2>10 Years of Excellence & Counting</h2><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><h3>Certificate of Excellence</h3><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><p>2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019</p><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><div class="int-certificate-img"><img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/tripadvisor-logo.jpg" /></div>
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<div class="int-lines-bckgrd"> </div><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><div class="int-dark-boxes-inner"><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><h3 class="int-dark-boxes-title">Frequently Asked Questions</h3><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><div class="int-dark-boxes-content"><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><p>Making your trip easy and care-free so you can sit back and relax</p><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --></div><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><a href="" class="int-btn int-btn-green">Learn More</a><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --></div>