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Single Barrel Select Experience

Roll Out the Barrels for a Private Selection in Nashville

Selecting your own premium barrel of bourbon or whiskey is a one-of-a-kind encounter that few have the opportunity to experience. Our newly crafted partnership allows everyone to participate in the process from beginning to end — thieving samples straight from the barrel to the hand labeling of your own bottle collection. Guests may choose from a Bourbon or Rye Whiskey barrel experience, discuss tasting techniques and conduct sensory evaluations of your premium selections. Swirl! Nose! Taste! Lightly dilute! Nose! Taste! Debate! Ponder! Immerse yourself in this Mint Julep exclusive experience.

Interested in learning more about this exclusive single barrel select program? Contact us directly and one of our Experience Coordinators will be in touch! Request more information through our Selection Request Form below.



Tour the Barrel House

Upon your arrival, you’ll be taken on an extensive, behind-the-scenes tour learning about the 4 barrels you will be selecting from. A dedicated expert will lead you through the sensory characteristics of each premium barrel, hand-selected from the portfolio.

Select Your Barrel

Following the private tour, your group will participate in sampling several expressions from the preferred premium barrels; including an exclusive tasting from the Mint Julep Single Barrel Select. Current barrels for this program (Bourbon and Whiskey) are sourced from the largest distiller of Bourbon and Rye whiskey in Indiana.

As a group, the top 4 barrels will be chosen to further evaluate in the tasting room. Guests will also be allowed to “thief” samples straight from the barrel if they so choose. Once the desired barrel is chosen, it will be bottled on-site. Those who wish to participate in this process from beginning to end may hand label and personalize the bottle collection to their liking.

The Full Package

When traveling with Mint Julep Experiences, luxury is the standard — from VIP transportation to reserving exclusives, and maximizing itineraries, our Experience Coordinators arrange it all. In order for guests to enjoy their barrel pick experience fully and responsibly, this program reserves mandatory transportation services.

For a timely and intimate experience, a group of 6-8 people is recommended. However, accommodations can be made for larger group sizes.

After your barrel selection, bottles will be ready for pick-up within 1-2 hours. Shipping services are also available.

Tennessee Whiskey Distilleries

Full & Half Barrels Available

Full Barrel = 180 - 160 bottles
Half Barrel = 100 - 80 bottles

Your barrel options to choose from:
Bourbons — 5 yr or 8 yr
Rye Whiskeys — 5yr, 8yr or 9yr

people participating in Single Barrel Selection at Nashville Barrel Co
Whiskey Thief

The Experience

What's Included

This experience is available for guests departing from Louisville and guests already in Nashville. Per all our experiences, we offer VIP transportation to and from the vendors we visit.

  • Start to finish coordination for your private barrel selection experience
  • VIP transportation
  • Premium brand barrels to choose from
  • Hand-picked and personalized to your group’s tastes
  • Bourbon thieving
  • Hand-labeled bottles from your barrel select
  • Custom labels for your bottles can be accommodated

When requesting this experience, if you’re interested in maximizing your full day experience or adding-on a second day of adventure — let us know if you’re interested in any of the below add-ons!

  • Lunch at local Nashville restaurant
  • Additional distillery tour and tasting in Nashville
  • Additional distillery tour and tasting along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail


How long after they pick a barrel will the bottles be ready to pick?
If the group wants to help hand label (most do), the bottles are typically ready an hour or two after barrel selection.
Is shipping the bottles an option?

Yes! There is an additional charge for shipping, and the minimum shipment per mailing address is 6 bottles. 

How large of a group is recommended?
Usually the larger the group is, the longer the barrel select and bottling takes. Typically, a group of 6-10 people is perfect, BUT we can accommodate a larger group if needed.
Are these barrels for the general public/consumers only?

This barrel select program is for general consumers only, they are Not-For-Resale. Bourbon/Whiskey clubs, individuals, corporations (gifts to employees, clients), and anyone else that won’t be re-selling any or all of the bottles can buy a barrel through the barrel select program.

When is this available? How can I book?

The barrel select program is available year-round, seven days a week. If you’re interested in reserving a barrel pick for your group, please contact us directly for a quote and to begin planning. 

Learn More About Single Barrel Select

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Learn More About Single Barrel Select

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How to Buy Bourbon by the Barrel

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What Does Single Barrel Select Mean?

What Does Single Barrel Select Mean?

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What is a Barrel Pick?

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