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Picking the Holiday Party Date

When selecting the date of your company party for the holidays, it’s important to keep in mind that the holidays in Louisville are a busy time for many people. Of course, the optimal time to host a company party is late November or early December, but there are some companies that plan one earlier in the fall or even later in January to avoid the intricate dance of scheduling the optimal date for employees and venues. Weekdays are best for most people, and most prefer it to be held during work hours, or at least starting during work hours.  

Staying Stationary or Hitting The Road

There are pros and cons to hosting your party at one location, or having more of an “experience event,” requiring the team to travel out of the office and explore the nearby attractions. 

By selecting one location, people can come and go as their schedules allow. They’re not committed to an entire block of time, which works better for some employees. Mint on Mellwood is a local Louisville event venue that can be rented out for private parties. Its location in Butchertown and modern industrial interior give it a unique holiday party setting. The venue can hold 150 seated or 175 cocktail style, it is BYOB and you can choose your own caterer for the holiday party. Learn more about Mint on Mellwood’s event space for your next holiday party.

However, by choosing something different than the typical in-office party, perhaps a Louisville city tour or trip to a Kentucky Bourbon Trail distillery or two, gives people more time to bond and get away from the office setting. It also shows the company is committed to treating its employees to a fun experience they may not have partaken in otherwise. 

Black-tie versus Casual Holiday Party

Whether your event is a black-tie event or casual affaire, it all depends on what your company culture is and what the majority of employees will prefer. The perks for making the company holiday party a fancy affair include the opportunity to dress in clothes you would not normally wear to the office and giving the event a feeling of respect. However, some people might not want to break out their black-tie attire, instead preferring to keep it casual. Some offices don’t allow jeans, so by going with a more casual theme, it might make employees more comfortable and eager to open up to each other and build that team vibe.

Bites & Beverages

Let’s face it, most people show up to the company holiday party for the food and drinks. It’s important to know the specific number of people who are going to attend so you know how much to order or how much to tell the caterer/restaurant to prepare for. It’s best to keep the options simple — like appetizers only or a buffet-style meal. But if you are going upscale, it’s not unheard of to offer four-course meals. As for beverages for the holiday party, keep it somewhat simple — a couple of different beer choices, red and white wine, and perhaps a few spirits and mixers if you’re going for the fancier style of a company party. Make it a unique holiday party complete with bites and beverages by booking your team for the Secrets of Bluegrass Chefs taping. Guests are apart of the live TV audience, after the showing they’ll enjoy sampling the food that the Kentucky chefs have prepared and a champagne cocktail toast.

Festive Holiday Party Activities

Mingling and munching on apps is all fine and dandy, but don’t forget to mix in a little fun to the holiday party! These are just a few holiday party activities that you can try out for your company party. Some of the activities are focused on “giving”, while others are focused on “teamwork” and “team-building”. 

  • Secret Santa
  • White Elephant
  • Christmas Charades
  • Name That Christmas Song
  • Christmas Karaoke
  • Christmas Photo Booth

Holiday Party Extras That Will “WOW” The Team

So you want to do something outside the box for your team. The following are some suggestions on what you can do to truly “wow” the office. How about a premium bourbon distillery tour and tasting with appetizers? Or front-row seats to the bourbon barrel-making process. Perhaps a bourbon and wine pairing is more your office pace. You can also go the route of fancy decorations at your party, including ice sculptures with caviar on them, a chocolate fountain and even a fancy charcuterie board. 

Ideas For Your Company Holiday Party

Mint Julep Experiences plans custom one-day and multi-day trips on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, at Kentucky horse farms and so much more. Several bourbon distilleries, craft breweries and food artisans offer exclusive tastings or private tours only available to Mint Julep customers. Behind-the-scenes access, straight-from-the-barrel tastings, cocktail mixology classes, creative beer or bourbon flights and cooking demos are some of the ideas we can offer your employees for a fun time away from the office for the holidays. Tell us what you’re interested in, and our Louisville experience experts will help you customize the ultimate experience for your company party. 

Smaller Company Holiday Parties

For smaller teams, we can offer a fun city sightseeing tour or downtown Louisville cocktail party during the holidays. Downtown Louisville holiday parties for companies can be customized to meet your needs – from location to transportation to activities to the bites and beverages.

Mint Julep Experiences has coordinated many company parties and team activities, ranging from hands-on mixology classes during the holidays to progressive dinners and spirit tastings. Whether it’s a typical holiday party, a team building activity, a milestone celebration for the business, or a promotion party – we’ve hosted many.