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Nashville, Tennessee, a city pulsating with music, history, and Southern charm, serves as a dynamic hub for culture enthusiasts. For our readers, we present a curated guide to the hidden gems surrounding Nashville. Embark on a journey with us as we explore Lynchburg, Franklin, Shelbyville, Columbia, Leipers Fork, and venture westward to the iconic city of Memphis.


Lynchburg: Savoring the Heritage

Lynchburg beckons with the tantalizing aroma of history and spirits. Begin your adventure at the world-renowned Jack Daniel’s Distillery, where the legacy of Tennessee whiskey unfolds. Take a leisurely stroll through Lynchburg Square, immersing yourself in its historical charm. Don’t miss the chance to savor authentic Southern cuisine at local eateries and peruse unique crafts in the town’s quaint shops. 

Jack Daniels Distillery

Visit Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg

You can book a Jack Daniel’s Tour directly with Mint Julep Experiences, and depart from Nashville for a full day in Lynchburg — transportation, distillery admission, guided tour and Angel’s Share tasting included in tour booking.


group on Jack Daniel's Tour with Mint Julep Experiences


Franklin: History Meets Modernity

Discover the fusion of history and modernity in Franklin’s picturesque downtown. Home to one of the most beautiful town squares in the USA – Antebellum Homes, shoppers paradise, food and drink options galore, visit the Factory at Franklin for even more local shopping.

Franklin is also home to the Battle of Franklin in the Civil War. You can visit the homes at ground zero and feel the history all around you. Walk in the footsteps of the past at the Carter House and Carnton Plantation, offering a glimpse into the region’s rich history. 


Shelbyville: A Horse Lover’s Paradise

Shelbyville awaits horse enthusiasts with open arms. Immerse yourself in the spirited atmosphere of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. Take a leisurely tour of the historic downtown square and indulge in local culinary delights. Shelbyville, a gem nestled in the heart of Tennessee, offers a unique blend of equestrian experiences and small-town charm.

Visit Uncle Nearest Distillery in Shebyville

Also in Shelbyville is the Uncle Nearest Distillery, a historic TN Whiskey distillery. The distillery itself was built on a walking horse farm, with the rickhouse erected on the old horse stall barn. Uncle Nearest Distillery, also known as Nearest Green Distillery, is named in honor of Nathan “Nearest” Green, an African-American master distiller who is credited with teaching Jack Daniel how to distill whiskey. Green’s contribution to American whiskey history had been largely overlooked until recent years.


You can book a tour to the Uncle Nearest Distillery for a whiskey tasting with Mint Julep Tours. Tour the grounds, enjoy a premium whiskey tasting, sit at the world’s longest bar, feast on barbecue and more!


Columbia: Art, History, and Scenic Beauty

Columbia unfolds as a canvas of art, history, and scenic beauty. Lose yourself in the creative atmosphere of the Columbia Arts Building and embark on a historical journey at the James K. Polk Ancestral Home. Nature lovers will find solace at Maury County Park, while food enthusiasts can explore the diverse culinary scene, making Columbia a well-rounded destination.

The Historic City Square in Columbia stands as the town’s main attraction, a dynamic hub teeming with creativity and diverse experiences. From enticing food options to vibrant bars, local breweries, and charming wineries, the square offers a culinary journey for every palate. Boutiques showcase unique finds and local craftsmanship, creating a shopping haven, while quaint coffee shops fill the air with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. This lively and dynamic space is where the past converges with the present, inviting both locals and visitors to immerse themselves in the cultural tapestry of Columbia.


Leipers Fork: A Quaint Retreat

Escape to the tranquility of Leipers Fork, a quaint retreat brimming with charm. Revel in live music and comfort food at Fox & Locke or The Country Boy Restaurant. Explore galleries and antique shops along the main street, enjoy Tennessee wine on the creek – a three block long stretch where celebrities and bikers hangout, or unwind with outdoor activities in Leipers Fork Park. Discover the warmth and authenticity of this hidden gem, where every corner tells a unique story.

Visit the Leiper’s Fork Distillery

While you’re here, make sure to visit the Leiper’s Fork Distillery for a Tennessee whiskey tasting! For an elevated experience, you can work with a Mint Julep Experience Coordinator to tailor a custom whiskey experience at the distillery!


Group Tour on Porch at Leiper's Fork Distillery Listening to Country Music

Memphis: A Cultural Extravaganza

In Memphis, immerse yourself in the cultural extravaganza, from the vibrant music scene on Beale Street to the intimate glimpse into Elvis Presley’s life at Graceland. Indulge in renowned barbecue, traverse historic neighborhoods, and absorb the poignant history at the National Civil Rights Museum. The city, home to music legends like B.B. King and Johnny Cash, seamlessly blends past and present, offering an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts, history buffs, and barbecue connoisseurs alike. The Music Cities Experience Package promises an enriching journey through the soulful streets of Memphis, connecting the heart of country music to the birthplace of blues and rock ‘n’ roll.

neon memphis sign

The Music Cities Experience Package — Nashville to Memphis

Embark on a seamless transition from the country melodies of Nashville to the rhythm-soaked streets of Memphis, a mere 200 miles away. The Music Cities Experience Package by Mint Julep Experiences offers a meticulously curated day trip or multi-day package, providing VIP transportation and visits to iconic landmarks like Sun Studios, “The Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Explore the rich musical legacy at Elvis Presley’s Memphis Entertainment Complex, including the Presley Motors Automobile Museum and the Elvis The Entertainer Career Museum. For those extending their stay, the package includes an overnight at the luxurious Peabody Hotel or The Guest House at Graceland, along with quintessential Memphis BBQ at Rendezvous and breakfast at the nostalgic Arcade Restaurant.


As we conclude this journey through the towns surrounding Nashville, we’ve witnessed the diverse tapestry of experiences awaiting exploration. Each town, with its unique offerings, caters to the varied interests of our discerning readers. Craft your own adventure, creating memories that resonate with your passions.

Ready to embark on your personalized journey? Explore our exclusive travel packages and guided tours, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience. Share your favorite discoveries and experiences with us, and let the magic of Tennessee unfold. 

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